Women’s Embodiment

for Yoga Teachers & Healing Practitioners

Sunday 10/6, 2-4 pm

Napa Valley Yoga Center, Napa CA

Price: free, REGISTER HERE

Are you a female yoga teacher, healer, coach, therapist, or guide, who wants to bring more confidence, soul, authenticity and joy into the work that you do?

Join Meghan Makena, founder of Amba Movement, for this 2-hr workshop where you will learn how to access more of your true nature and soul-body-wisdom as well as how to naturally sustain your energy so that you can share more of your unique gift with your students and clients.

Amba Movement uses nature-based movement and the elements of nature to drop into a deeper relationship with your body, heart, and essence. It is so important as a yoga teacher, healer, or leader to keep dropping deeper in yourself, so as to access your authentic voice and vital energy.

In this workshop, you will learn how to…

– sustain your vital energy and not get burnt out

– source the energy of the 5 elements of nature through movement

– teach from the energy of nature’s 5 elements to be a more effective guide for your students/clients

– use nature-based movement to connect more deeply with your intuition and authentic voice

“My number one takeaway is to move from inside and speak from inside of myself. My deep wisdom and love will be the platform from where I teach.”

Jill Murray, Yoga Teacher, Vacaville, Ca

“This workshop felt like coming home. Immediately I felt more able to understand, accept, and forgive myself. Rather than feeling like I’m forcing my true nature against the grain to be more type A, after the workshop I now feel like I have the tools to work with and through my nature to achieve the same goals. Breaking down the attributes of the 5 elements really opened my eyes to the elements I need to bring more of into my life, and I know feel like I know how to. This is especially true for developing my confidence as a yoga teacher & healer.”

– Jessica Tapper, Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles

This workshop is perfect for you if you know deep down that you have more to offer and want to learn simple yet profound practices that you can start implementing now, to access your vital energy, confidence, and wisdom in your leadership.

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