Amba Embodiment Circles


What it is: A 6 month in-depth journey for women who want to feel more ALIVE, deeply nourished, and are looking to go deeper with your yoga/movement/meditation practice. Learn how to bridge the presence, peace, and vitality you experience in your practice with your whole life – bringing that connection into your relationships, your work, your day-to-day tasks. The same small group of women meets together for a 3 hour retreat twice a month, for 6 months. Circles are small groups of 6 to 12 dedicated women. 

Who it’s for:  For women who want to go deeper and access the full range of feminine power and energy through their body, heart, and essence: sacred feminine, embodied feminine, primal feminine, strong feminine, receptive feminine. This program is for deeply dedicated women ready to develop more consistency around their practice and weave it through their whole lives. It’s a program for women of all ages who crave the community of authentic, supportive, growth-oriented sisterhood. 

What it’s about: Amba Embodiment Circles are the only year-round, ongoing Amba program in which you can work in depth with Meghan Morris aside from her 1:1 Embodiment Coaching. . The steadiness of regular practice is key to learning consistency and being able to go deeper over time. We are constantly jumping out of ourselves in our modern culture – jumping in and out of relationships, practices – and because of this, we can miss out on the richness and depth that we can get from going deeper in one system.  Meghan trains you to go deeper into yourself and keep deepening….to keep finding those deeper gems within you. This process is like nature – it takes time.

How to apply: Email us and share a little bit about yourself, and why you’d like to join a circle. Please indicate which circle(s) you’d like to join. Each cycle, a limited number of spaces open up in some of the circles. We cannot guarantee your spot in a circle, but we will try our best to accommodate you.

What do you do in an Amba Embodiment Circle? Embodiment Circles begin with an opening practice that usually includes breathing, meditation, and setting your intention. You’re then guided through an Amba Embodied Yoga/Movement/Breath Work practice. Each circle will be custom crafted based on the women in the circle, the phases of the moon, and the seasons. Every circle ends with quiet time for writing or meditation, and a sharing circle at the end.



… crave a regular space in which to nourish and connect to the heart of life, within your body.

… desire to  feel your powerful and radiant feminine energy on a more regular basis.

… want to live your life from a balanced place, connected to your truth, and in sync with your nature. 

… want to  feel at home in your body and comfortable the skin you’re in.

… wish to feel grounded, steady, full of vital energy, and at ease.

… want to learn how to bring the presence and connection you experience from your yoga/movement/meditation practice into your relationships, work, and daily life.


In Amba Embodiment Circles, you’ll learn how to balance action with receptivity through accessing the elements of Nature:

Earth & Fire Element focus for building vital energy, cultivating fluid strength, and tapping into the source of power and passion within you.

Water & Air Element focus for deep nourishment, replenishing your life force, and opening up to the sacred, receptive feminine energy in your body.

Amba Embodiment Circles Program

Amba Circles are a 6 month journey with the same group of women.
Our current cycle is July-December 2018.
A few spaces are still open in some of the groups. Please fill out the form below to inquire.
Meghan leads Embodiment Circles in Topanga Canyon and online. 

IN PERSON in Topanga Canyon (location given out upon registering)

2 Tuesdays/month, 9-11:30 am 

2 Wednesdays/month, 12-2:30 pm

2 Thursdays/month, 7-9:30 pm


2 Thursdays/month, 4-6:30 pm

2 Fridays/month, 9-11:30 am


What You’ll Get

You will learn dozens of practices based on the 5 tools of the Amba system: Breath, movement, sound, touch, presence.  You will be supported in your growth.

 2 Circles (2.5 hour retreats) per month, for 6 months

Handbook of Amba practices for deepening your practice

Practices and assignments for you do do at home each month

Invitation to Amba Embodiment Circles party with live music, in which all of the women of all circle are invited to come with their partners or families and connect to our larger Amba community.

Make Ups for missed circles: If you miss a session due to being out of town or an emergency, you can make up 4 circles per cycle in a different group. Make ups must be completed within the 6 month session. 



Or $162/month with 10% discount when you pay in full for the 6 month series


To inquire about the Amba Circles program, please fill out the form below.

Application for Amba Circles