The Five Pillars of Amba


These are the 5 pillars of Amba, that I teach in the Amba Embodiment Circles, and have used personally to create a life that feels deeply fulfilling on many levels:

1) Earth Connection: Time in nature, and practices that ground you into the earth of your body

2) Vital Energy Cultivation: Breath, movement, vibrant foods, and much more

3) Community: Nourishing relationships that include partnerships, close friendships, and circles of women who support you

4) Self Love: Gratitude for yourself, just for existing. Appreciation for yourself. Quality time with yourself (not necessarily the same as “alone time”)

5) Alignment with Source: Everyone does this a little differently. It may be through ritual, meditation, mantra, singing, prayer, running at sunrise….whatever connects you to your higher wisdom and helps you to bring you into a first hand experience of the Love that exists in the heart of everything.