Starter’s Guide

Welcome to Amba Movement


WHAT IF . . .

our bodies are not just a practical means to get it from here to there?

WHAT IF . . .

our bodies are not something we need to transcend in order to awaken?

WHAT IF . . .

as we really got to know our bodies, and travelled into the center of every cell, we would find the brightest light in the entire universe, and the most real love that exists?

When you get deeply in touch with your body, you simply feel more IN yourself.

In Amba, you’re guided into the incredible universe of your body, and letting your presence and breath infuse into your tissues

so deeply that your body moves from her innate desire to open….like a flower blooming.

Amba is for you if you are:

Looking to develop a loving relationship with your body
Craving nourishment and radiant aliveness
Wanting to feel more alive, confident, and relaxed
Desiring a deep connection with life, the earth, and nature through your body and breath
Sensing a call to awaken the sacred and wild feminine energy that live within you
Seeking to unwind stress and tension to feel lighter
Ready to feel more freedom, vital energy, depth, and enjoyment from your yoga or movement practice.

What to expect at an Amba class:

Feminine movement and yoga
Elemental Breath Work
Fluid core strengthening
Free Form Dance
Partner exercises
Deep Nourishment Earth Resonance Meditation
Sharing Circle 


In Amba, we value the feminine, embodied, earth-based path of awakening.
Along this path, aliveness is the goal.
Rich, vivid aliveness.

Included in this path is — E V E R Y T H I N G.
Everything you feel.
Everything you are.

Amba was designed for women to have a safe, nurturing, female-only space to move freely in.

How to take class:

The Amba Movement practice is designed for women of all ages and body types.  You are encouraged to customize the practice for your body and sense into what it needs. The class can be as gentle or as energetic as feels right for you.

The primary goal of the Amba Movement practice is that you deeply enjoy yourself and become more vitally alive.
You will be guided to let go, trust yourself, and find the movement that feels good to your body.

A note from Meghan Morris, founder of Amba Movement:

Right now, more than ever, we as women are being called to shine our light into the world.

To do this requires us to reconnect with the truth that lives within the wilderness of our bodies.

I created Amba for women to have a safe, nurturing, and playful space in which to unravel, open, strengthen, and remember the feeling of being whole, alive, and connected to the earth. Amba a space for you to come home to your breath, body, and heart as you harmonize with the rhythms of nature.