October 21st Sacred, Wild & Loved Retreat


In this retreat, you’ll learn to:

– Trust yourself more deeply through accessing your knowing within your body.
– Feel alive and nourished in your whole body and being
– Connect to the pure joy of movement
– Give yourself permission to move in a way that feels good to you from within
– Feel at home within yourself
– Connect with your body’s innate sensuousness
– Move through old, stagnant energy so it doesn’t stay stuck in you
– Separate yourself from others’ experiences so you don’t take on their “stuff”
– Deepen your connection with nature within you & around you, the cycles of the moon and the seasons
– Keep your vital energy circulating all day long
– Listen to your own timing and sync up with your body’s rhythms

It is deeply nourishing for us, as women, to have a women’s-only space to explore our body’s natural movement – delicious, powerful, inherently beautiful – from a place of internal satisfaction and not performance.

This is also a wonderful retreat for women who are yoga teachers, movement facilitators, healing practitioners, and desire to connect to their feminine essence more deeply, through embodiment practices.

When women sync up with our bodies and essence, we can lead ourselves and others from our place of power, and more easily bring our dreams into reality.

Retreat Schedule:

10 am to 1 pm Welcome circle + morning vital energy movement practice + Amba awakening the senses practice, embodied feminine yoga, movement, breath

1-2 pm Lunch & sharing (bring your own lunch)

2-4 pm Afternoon Deep Nourishment Replenishing Breath and Earth Meditation Practice

4-5 pm Sacred, Wild, Loved: 3 aspects of the embodied feminine

5-6 pm, Tea + Ceremony, closing circle


Led by Meghan Mahealani Morris, founder of Amba