Meghan’s Philosophy

Aloha! I’m Meghan. I’m a student of Nature, a wife, and the founder of

the Amba School of Embodiment.

I guide women into feeling vibrantly alive, nourished, confident, and whole.

When a woman aligns her essence with her heart and physical body,

she is an unstoppable force, and can more easily manifest her dreams.

I am devoted

To my path of healing and awakening through movement.
To walking each day in reverence.
To sharing the power of feminine embodiment.

As we breathe and move, we remember who we are.
This remembering is beyond words or concepts.
It’s a language older than words.

We – the women of the earth – are the keepers of the hearth

Her | Heart | Hearth | Earth

It is up to each one of us to tend to the hearth within us,
to generously nourish ourselves, through consciously breathing life into every cell.



Meghan has always found connection to source through movement.

Meghan became a yoga teacher at the age of 19. After over a decade of teaching and practicing yoga in the traditional styles which stem from a male lineage, Meghan discovered the feminine path of awakening through movement.

Originally from Kailua, Hawaii, Meghan feels a strong connection with the spirit of the islands and the healing energy of certain lands and waters. It is through reconnecting with wild lands – both outside in natural settings and inside her own body and breath – that Meghan began to rediscover her connection with the sacred feminine and wild feminine.


Meghan went through a decade-long healing journey, through which she learned to nurture and listen to her body and heart. What Meghan learned through her teachers, guides, and mentors has been so life changing for her that she is passionately devoted to sharing these practices with other women. 


Meghan lives with her husband in Topanga Canyon, CA.