Amba Yoga

October 8th Luscious Embodiment Workshop, Long Beach


Olive Yoga Studio, Long Beach, CA

In this Amba Yoga workshop for the autumn season, you will be guided into practices that move, breathe, restore your energy, and deepen your connection with your body. Awaken the organic, feminine, fluid movement of your body as you become more embodied and expand your capacity for enjoyment.

What if our bodies are not just a practical means to get it from here to there?

What if our bodies are not something we need to transcend in order to awaken?

What if when we really got to know our bodies, and travelled into the center of every cell, we would find the brightest light in the entire universe, and the most real love that exists?

Join us for this fluid, nourishing, vitalizing yoga that connects women more deeply with their bodies.

Location and Registration: Olive Yoga, 244 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA

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