Not long ago,
women would gather around a campfire and dance. As we transitioned bewteen seasons, we would celebrate life and receive the healing energy from the earth. We’d open our bodies, breathe life in, and be in ceremony together to appreciate all we’d received and plant seeds of intentions for the next cycle.

Amba Lodge is a sacred and celebratory gathering of women and girls of all ages to celebrate the change of season and honor the cycles of nature. These gatherings are fundraisers to benefit organizations that contribute to empowering and healing women around the globe. 

The evening is based in the timeless and simple ceremony of women coming together to connect:

– to our hearts

– to our bodies

– to the earth

– to one another, in sisterhood

We come together and dance, share, breathe, to remember the ancient rituals of healing and blessing.

Intention + opening your whole body + connecting to the earth Herself + celebrating and receiving all that you already are and have + the potent collective community space = the magic recipe for building dreams


What to expect at an Amba Lodge

Lounge with live music, goddess face art, essential oil anointing, healing sessions by donation

Guided Amba yoga-breath-movement journey

Dance party

Flower mandala ceremony & blessing

Upcoming Amba Lodges: TBA

Amba Lodge is an incredibly nourishing experience. You feel connected to the long lineage of women who have gathered ritualistically throughout the years as a part of their culture. During my first Amba Lodge, I felt a profound understanding of why it is necessary for woman to commune in this way.

–Lisa Gunn

The moment I stepped into the Amba Lodge, I felt I could put down my armor. Meghan has created such a beautiful and nourishing space for women, it was so easy to melt into the softness my body was craving. I felt transported into a sacred temple, far outside the city.  I left the evening feeling so connected to my body and my heart.  So connected to feminine power and beauty.  Envigorated, seen, loved, whole, and inspired.

–Kaitlin Huwe, actress, yoga teacher, singer/songwriter