Embodied Appreciation


Embodied Appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation are often experienced as a mental exercise, such as a gratitude list.

From a whole being, embodied standpoint, appreciation is something you want to feel as a whole, throughout all your tissues.

If I outwardly appreciate someone in my life, but I simply mentally appreciate them, they don’t receive the nourishment on a deep level as when I appreciate them through feeeeeeeeeling my whole body.

When I am feeling my body and in the cellular experience of appreciation, and I verbally acknowledge my husband for everything he contributes, it super charges him. I see him light up as he receives the nourishment and vitality of my hear + spirit + animal body in a frequency of gratitude.

In order to be able to develop the skill of embodied appreciation, it takes having an embodiment practice so that you have open pathways within you to be able to feel your body, deeply.

With Love and Appreciation,