Devotion: That’s my game plan for 2017


Love to you on this darkest day of the year, the winter solstice.

Today during my morning practice, an inspiration came to me that I can’t help but share with you:
I’m replacing anywhere I feel like I need discipline with DEVOTION.

Devotion is sustainable. It just keeps going deeper. Discipline is something I’ll do, and then not do. And then do, and then feel good because of it. And then not do, and then feel bad.

Devotion is beyond good and bad, beyond emotions. It’s from the pure love space. And love does not get tired over time. Love does not go on and off. Love gets stronger and brighter. Devotion takes me deeper and deeper…..higher and higher. Beyond what I thought was me into what is REALLY me.

Devotion is unwavering, embodied commitment to yourself and whatever is in your heart to be and do.

Devotion. That’s my game plan for 2017.
Solstice blessings, my friends.

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