Dear Lover of Life


It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me the power of connecting to our inner yum….the delicious, luscious nectar of the essence of who we are within our being and body.

To sustain any vibrant, vitalized relationship, be it with our own bodies or a beloved life partner, dropping in to our deliciousness is essential. Why? Because if not, we are full of holes – like a big chunk of swiss cheese. We try to have other people fill us up where it’s not their job. We want acknowledgement or love or magic from someone else or something else before tapping into the potent energy of who we are — because not all of us have learned how to connect to our deliciousness.

It is my prayer and hope that every woman on the planet embodies her magic and power and lusciousness…and owns and feels the beauty of who she really is…in body and soul.

Today I had the feeling in my workout, when doing my last super challenging plank of the day, “I just want to tune out and get through this.”

When anything is done in life to “just get through it” that is where we shut down from feeling something fully (which totally makes sense, because some things we go through are freaking CHALLENGING), we are actually training our systems into that pattern:

“Let me just get through this day.”

“Let me just get through this interaction.”

I don’t want to go through my life, through teaching classes, through time with my husband, through anything with the feeling that I just want to get through it.

I am here to OPEN to more life, not to contract and shrink away from it.

So…..I told myself before starting my next plank:

“Feel this ALL the way through your whole body and receive the energy of this challenge! Bring more of myself into what I am doing now. Be here even more fully….open to the new fresh life energy and deeper strength that this challenge is creating in me.”

We — the women of the earth — are the keepers of living beauty and ancient wisdom, and it is up to us to keep accessing this in our bodies, together, now.

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