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The Five Pillars of Amba


These are the 5 pillars of Amba, that I teach in the Amba Embodiment Circles, and have used personally to create a life that feels deeply fulfilling on many levels: 1) Earth Connection: Time in nature, and practices that ground you into the earth of your body 2) Vital Energy Cultivation: Breath, movement, vibrant foods…(Read More)

  4 Best Beauty Secrets on Earth  1) Feel your heart, your love for yourself, and radiate that love from inside you. 2) Sense your gratitude for your life, for the sweet and challenging aspects. Feel the appreciation you have for all of it, for the opportunity to grow and evolve on this earth. 3…(Read More)

Embodied Appreciation


Embodied Appreciation Gratitude and appreciation are often experienced as a mental exercise, such as a gratitude list. From a whole being, embodied standpoint, appreciation is something you want to feel as a whole, throughout all your tissues. If I outwardly appreciate someone in my life, but I simply mentally appreciate them, they don’t receive…(Read More)

New Moon Ritual


Here’s a new moon ritual that I’ve been doing for the past year. It’s a powerfully transformative practice: 1. Find one belief that you have that isn’t useful to you. Examples: “I have to overwork and be stressed out in order to be successful.” “I’m not lovable the way I…(Read More)

A Prayer for All Women


A prayer for all women May you know how loved you are by life May you stay true to your timing, and honor it May you open and feel your breath deep in the tissues and skin of your back, supporting you always May you trust your wild instincts, your gut knowing, no matter what…(Read More)

As the end of the year nears, the vitality giving practice of following through has been my go-to. Follow through is so deeply nourishing and vitalizing. Follow through creates natural growth. It’s what the sun does. The ocean does it. The trees do it. Here are some ways to explore follow through: Follow…(Read More)

Nourishing Morning Latte


This is my first fall living in Topanga Canyon. I’ve been loving the chilly mornings, fog, and giant oak trees. Nature connection has become a huge part of my life, and of Amba. On these darker, slow, sweet canyon mornings, I’ve been making the most delicious teas and lattes. Here’s my basic…(Read More)

I’ve been spending time every day hiking up in the mountains where I live. This is a message I received from a recent hike, which I offer you today, from my heart to yours: You can be sad. Fully sad. And keep moving with the light in your heart. You can be disappointed. Let…(Read More)


  I’m astounded to look back to just a month ago, when we started to hold women’s moon circles in Topanga. In just one month, there has been so much love, community, and energy brewing here in the canyon. This past weekend’s circle, continued through tonight on the actual full moon, has…(Read More)

Leo Love


We are approaching a full moon, exactly a week from today. In the midst of summer, and Leo season, with so much passion and energy, it’s important to continue to keep softening and receiving as well. This tea does just that. My friend and local Topanga herbalist and Naturopathic doctor, Christine Surrago, has formulated…(Read More)