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Saturday October 27, 2-4PM Kaya Yoga 612 4th St Davis, Ca 95616 SIGN UP HERE ROOT ….into your body ….into your heart ….into your knowing ….into your place of power, where your body and essence are one In this Amba workshop for women, we’ll explore fluid movement, yoga, breath work, and other embodiment…(Read More)

  4 Best Beauty Secrets on Earth  1) Feel your heart, your love for yourself, and radiate that love from inside you. 2) Sense your gratitude for your life, for the sweet and challenging aspects. Feel the appreciation you have for all of it, for the opportunity to grow and evolve on this earth. 3…(Read More)

Embodied Appreciation


Embodied Appreciation Gratitude and appreciation are often experienced as a mental exercise, such as a gratitude list. From a whole being, embodied standpoint, appreciation is something you want to feel as a whole, throughout all your tissues. If I outwardly appreciate someone in my life, but I simply mentally appreciate them, they don’t receive…(Read More)

  Reclaim the power, joy, and wisdom of the feminine, through movement.   Amba Movement incorporates breath, sound, movement, feminine yoga, dance, and deeply nourishing earth resonance meditation. This workshop will be led by Meghan Morris, the founder of Amba. Saturday, December 1st, 1:30 – 3:30 pm Cedar + Sage Wellness Studio 55823 29 Palms…(Read More)

In this retreat, you’ll learn to: – Trust yourself more deeply through accessing your knowing within your body. – Feel alive and nourished in your whole body and being – Connect to the pure joy of movement – Give yourself permission to move in a way that feels good to you from within – Feel…(Read More)

New Moon Ritual


Here’s a new moon ritual that I’ve been doing for the past year. It’s a powerfully transformative practice: 1. Find one belief that you have that isn’t useful to you. Examples: “I have to overwork and be stressed out in order to be successful.” “I’m not lovable the way I…(Read More)

A Prayer for All Women


A prayer for all women May you know how loved you are by life May you stay true to your timing, and honor it May you open and feel your breath deep in the tissues and skin of your back, supporting you always May you trust your wild instincts, your gut knowing, no matter what…(Read More)

This is a package of 13 Embodied Feminine Yoga classes. Two ways to take class: You can take the online classes live weekly, 6-7:30 pm Pacific time, on Zoom. To take the live class, you will need to have high speed internet. If you miss the live class, after the class is over…(Read More)