“I love that I get to move and play at the same time. That is the essence of Amba. Getting to fully experience and enjoy yourself.”

– Kari Owens


After each group Amba class or private session with Meghan, I am always stunned by how I feel solid and light at the same moment. It seems like those two feelings should not coexist. Yet, it happens every time!

The consistent practice of Amba enables me to “use” it any time. I can drop into my body and feel grounded, calm and solid. Even in heavy traffic.

Amba has taught me to really listen to my body without judgment in a society where that practice is not often encouraged. The result of that listening has brought me peace of mind and inspired awareness of all of the knowledge and power my body has to offer me even in physically challenging times.

The amazing feelings of renewal, solidness and radiance continue to astound and delight me as I revel in the afterglow of each Amba session.

– Beth Goode

When I first learned about Amba I was experiencing a complete disconnection from my body. I tried different kinds of yoga and it wasn’t doing it for me. Amba made me feel like there was hope. I didn’t realize how much lack of connection I had, until now. In my relationships, I’m much calmer and much more open to connection with others. I didn’t realize that my lack of connection to my self was also translating to a lack of connection with other people. I’ve also found I’m more sensuous. Overall, it’s increased my vibrancy, enthusiasm, and energy.

– Brenda Herrington

I am a mom raising three children and running a business leading women’s retreats. I was struggling with feeling completely depleted so I signed up for Amba, not really knowing what I was getting into. But what I have discovered through the practice is how to begin to hold my energy inside and how I experience love at a cellular level. Whereas so much of my work was on the exterior going out and through this practice, Meghan has taught me how to hold myself in my own container in this body and how to really love my life.

– Erin DiMaggio

When I was younger I really struggled at expressing myself to the world. I was always seeking a better way to connect to myself and express myself. When I found Meghan and Amba I was able to connect to my body in a way that I hadn’t before, I was able to express myself in a way that was new to me, it felt amazing. After taking the TT I was really able to tune in to who I was and bring that through even more. I really like who I am now and it just feels so good to express myself. And Amba really helps me with that.

– Ayla Joy

Through movement and community, Amba Yoga is a true exploration of play, sisterhood, and divine femininity. Meghan’s  nurturing space has gifted me a greater connection to my bones and ancestry! This has enabled me to connect to my lighthearted truth and live more joyfully through greater self-realization. I have learned to move in a way that is so natural to my spirit and so healing! I am grateful to Meghan for being a light on my path.

– Emily Nichols

In my 7 yrs of doing yoga, I have found that Amba yoga is the best way for me to connect with my primal self and with the life energy that connects us all with nature. Amba has taught me to listen to how my body wants to move and breathe so I can align with my truest self. When I take the time to go deep within, I can hear my wants and needs more clearly. And the more my Amba practice has expanded, the more that has translated to all aspects of my life. I feel so grateful that I found Amba and Meghan. Amba yoga is more than an excursive class, it is a spiritual awakening, and a community of kick-ass, amazing women!

– Lisa Gunn

When I first crossed paths with Meghan, I was looking for something that would wake up my senses in a world I had become numb to. And that is exactly what I found in Amba’s movement style. I was drawn to Amba because of the inherent need to let go completely of how your view yourself and allow yourself look, feel & be silly in order to breathe, move & live freely. These classes are unique because there is room for that; room to play around and explore life within your body.

From practicing Amba Yoga, I’ve been able to create an incredible relationship with myself, one where I am paid attention to and taken care of. Over time, I’ve learned how much the body can tell about where we store our experiences in our bodies–and how addicting it is that we can work out problems in our life without having think but instead feel! I’ve grown to be more present in my relationships with friends & family; I am being trained to ask for what I need and to communicate those needs effectively; and I am learning to receive the love and appreciation that already surrounds me every day.

Meghan’s classes are unique because it’s truly a place where you can dance like no one’s watching. And it is a practice that can be done by anyone of any age in nearly any health condition. When I leave class, I leave feeling Woken Up. Shaken Up. And Revived. I would highly recommend Amba to anyone who is looking to build a better relationship with yourself and in turn, a better relationship with everyone around you!

– Laurel Nunga

Amba Yoga helps me to align my body, mind, and spirit so that I can be present in my heart, and more accurately express it to the world. When I’m able to do that I’m able to more fully live my purpose. Being able to move and flow with my body brings me an amazing joy that I have been longing to share with the world. Since doing Amba Yoga I feel more at peace, alive, and I have an amazing love for myself that I did not know was possible before.

– Ayla Joy Weber

Amba is not only a class to attend or a retreat to go to… it is a way of life. Meghan opens a safe, comfortable space allowing women to explore their bodies through movement, breath, and the elements of earth, fire, and water. Meghan also teaches her students how to use embodiment practice in every day life. She is a wonderful person who has helped me heal and to have more strength.  Amba has given me the tools to feel more grounded in my life, it has allowed me to explore my spirituality, and my body to know what I want and need in a way that no other class has.

– Brooke Botwinick

Amba yoga has been so amazing for me. Before I started Amba yoga I was having some personal troubles and I was having insecurities about my body and about myself. But I when I started Amba yoga everything changed. I fell into my body. I became more confident. I realized the importance of my life and my body. I truly became a better happier person after I began Amba yoga. I am so grateful to Meghan and this practice. It is one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences of my life.

– Claire Trewhitt

Amba has had a positive impact on every aspect of my life.  I have learned how to apply the breath and movement practices to improve both my physical and emotional well being.  Meghan is an incredible teacher, and spiritual guide.  Amba becomes more than a practice, it is a way of experiencing ourselves and the world around us.

– Alyce Botwinick

Meghan’s Amba Yoga is transformative, invigorating, and exhilarating. Meghan’s classes have made me feel and experience the joy of being inside my body and creating my own movement and life. Meghan is such an inspiring teacher and human being: her enthusiasm, wisdom, creativity, and abundant joy flow out of her! Her classes have helped me find movement and cultivate breath, strength, and creativity inside of myself.  Her classes are centrally focused around breath and using the breath to open and explore the body. Her breathing practices have given me confidence and have expanded my lungs as a singer.  She also offers moving meditation and breath practices that have helped me move forward in my creative and professional life. As a teacher, Meghan is incredibly caring, wise, and way ahead of her time and dimension in terms of her connection to her body and the universe. Her ability to convey the excitement and joy of movement is remarkable and unforgettable. Her teachings of self empowerment, creativity, confidence, and expansion are not only applicable to movement, but also to all aspects of live! I recommend Amba yoga and all of Meghan’s breath and movement classes with all of my heart to everyone that wants to feel alive!

– Elena Loper

I felt the power of Amba Yoga immediately after my first class. As a dancer I was looking for a way to break the mold of yoga poses into movement forms. My body yearned for that bridge and Meghan has mastered its logical progression. Even more than the movement – Meghan carefully dots breath and timing into the exercise fabric so you experience a relief of your nervous system. The result is a fun energetic workout with the benefit of clarity and well being and love that lasts all day into whatever you must face. There is no one as unique and tuned in to the body as this magical yogini.

– Judy Greenfeld

I’m more in tune with my body. I’m more aware of my body. I’m nicer to myself. I’m able to feel more deeply, be happier on a day to day basis. I’m living more in the moment. I have more energy, patience, confidence. Everything is more joyful. I feel like the volume of life has been turned up because I’m experiencing things more deeply. I’ve been doing yoga for a while, and I really enjoy it, but Amba Yoga has been the practice that has helped me to blossom. Anyone can do this at any age.

– Nina Larkins

I do believe my spirit re-joined my body. I slept so well and woke up so into my body! Thank you Meghan for facilitating and creating such a beautiful space and experience to play, give, partake, and to simply be in and with myself and share this time and energy with sweet spirits! Amba is a beautiful, joyful practice. – Linda Martin

For nearly my entire life, I have always thought that one day, after a certain amount of life experience, I would grow up and become the person I’m supposed to be. The thing that I didn’t entirely realize is that I am already the person I am supposed to be. I am where I am in life because there are certain lessons that I still need to learn. There isn’t this need for me to ‘grow up’ but rather to become comfortable enough to be myself.

I was able to fully come to this realization through the Amba practice, and it has truly served as a catalyst for relaxing into myself. I am no longer seeking externally for who I should be but rather seeking within myself for who I already am. And from there, with Meghan’s steady guidance, I have begun to cultivate my strengths and have started bringing consciousness to where I am not strong.

When I first became exposed to Amba, it was clear to me that it is truly unlike the many other forms of yoga that I’ve tried; I didn’t just leave class feeling good and accomplished making it through the end of class. I saw how Meghan’s teachings weren’t just bits of information that only made sense in the studio—because Meghan basis her practice upon the laws of nature—they made sense in life! I naturally committed to the practice because I consistently felt rejuvenated after every class and I wanted more because I connected to a deep feeling of joy. And slowly, over time and with faithful dedication (as with most things that are worthwhile), opportunities begin to unfold in my life and my experiences become more meaningful. I was integrating what I was training my body to do in into other areas of my life without even realizing it. My work life began to flourish; I was growing with abundance within my position at work; taking on much craved responsibilities; and also being granted more freedom and trust from my boss within those responsibilities. My relationships with people began to shift. For the longest time I felt isolated from people around me. By working on relaxing into myself, I naturally shifted away from being distant with others and shifted toward embracing the connections with people that already exist in my life.

To me Amba is a form of self-care like no other. Meghan offers powerful tools to help a person build and sustain loving life energy. Although I cannot change other people, I will always have control over myself. And when I started taking care of myself, all the other little details that clouded my mind began to melt into place and flow in a natural way. I am forever thankful for Meghan, for her commitment to her work, and for sharing a beautiful conscious and connected practice with whoever is willing to experience it.

– Lauren G.

I’ve always been too uncomfortable living in my body and too shy to dance in front of people. I was finally brave enough to try salsa and belly dancing in a studio. I’ve been complimented by my teachers about my willingness to look foolish, mess up, and keep trying because they can tell I’m comfortable in my own body. I thank Amba for that. I am able to live in my body more comfortably now.

– Giselli R.

Amba Yoga has helped me see and feel my body as not just individual parts, but as a whole system. Using that wholeness and feeling into that wholeness helps me feel really alive. Using that aliveness and connectedness helps me ground into the earth. The Amba Yoga system is holistic and interconnected. It starts with breath. It’s not a model that is going toward an ultimate goal, but it’s about the process that is always evolving. I’m learning to trust the process of nature that’s happening inside. I connect into feeling. Meghan taps into her own strength, creativity, vibrancy, and aliveness and shares that with everyone. She’s so connected to herself, so when she teaches she guides other women into their connection. I’ve found that the more I’m connected to my breath, the more I can move and explore what it feels like to move from the inside out. Movement is so nourishing to the body because it’s not about improvement. It’s about learning how to glow and breathe from within.

–Rachel S.

I’m able to sustain myself in a steady way. I learn so much about how I function in my life by how I move my body. I learn about how I interact with other people. I’m learning how to listen more deeply to myself and trust myself more. This practice has helped me to find my voice and my confidence. The practice has helped me unlock so much that has been kept inside.

– Sarah F.

Amba practice has taught me to move in new ways that invigorate my energy and inspire greater acceptance for my body. It has retrained some of the judgements that have previously kept me feeling stuck and rigid in my body to feeling fluid, joyful and free. I find total nourishment and imagination in Amba! Meghan is an incredible teacher with a giant heart and complete earnestness for teaching this practice. She has inspired me to deepen my connection with my body and tune in to how I naturally want to move. The benefits have assisted me beyond my movement practice and have carried into my life.

– Karina W.