Harness Your Feminine Power and Lead Women into Living with Confidence, Courage, and Joy

 Amba Movement Teacher’s Training

No trainings currently scheduled. Check back for future dates.

The world is rapidly shifting, as women are stepping into our feminine power.

The time to harness that power is NOW.

In the Amba Movement Teacher’s Training, you’ll learn to embody your fullest potential, and help other women do the same.

More than any other practice, Amba has helped me to feel more alive and comfortable in my body. Amba helps me to feel and move my emotions so they don’t stay trapped inside of me. When I feel stuck and I practice Amba, the movement creates a space for fresh ideas and inspiration to flow through me.
– Sam Rea, 2017 Amba TT Graduate

Do you ever feel like. . .

You crave a deeper connection with your own body?

You desire to rekindle your true source of power within?

You want to feel less alone, isolated, and overwhelmed by life?

You wish to move away from criticizing and doubting yourself and into embodying your inner beauty, loving confidence, and soul power?

You’d like to help other women find this connection with themselves?

In the Amba Training, I learned that my body is waiting for me, all the time. Like the earth, she is there, steady and waiting for you to come back to her. Amba is coming back home to your body in a pure and genuine way in any moment you choose to put your presence there. And in there is joy and pure aliveness.
– Jessica Kelton, 2018 Amba TT Graduate




“When a woman’s heart, body, and higher self are one,

she becomes an unstoppable force of truth, vitality, and love.”

 – Meghan Makena, founder of  the Amba School of Embodiment

Hi there! I’m Meghan Makena, the founder of Amba. Growing up as a little girl, and into my teens and early twenties, I suffered form a deep disconnection with myself: I loathed my body, I knew I wasn’t fully IN my truth, and I was painfully out of touch with my feminine power.


For over a decade, I looked everywhere I could to find a solution to this deep, existential pain: I went to dozens of healers, tried therapy, traveled to India, did juice fasts, studied yoga with master teachers, and could not find a solution.

It wasn’t until I discovered the empowering embodiment practices that I now teach in Amba that I was able to feel whole within myself and at home in my body. Out of this personal healing journey, I discovered my calling to empower other women to heal themselves, and Amba was born.


Amba Teacher Training Outdoors Practice in Topanga Canyon

Amba Movement was created from a vision of a world in which women are. . . .

Deeply nourished and fulfilled from the inside out

Living for internal satisfaction rather than performance

Devoted to living in alignment with their truth

In tune with their own bodies, and the rhythms of nature

Open in their hearts to feel the immense love of the Earth

Radiantly alive, empowered, confident, and whole


Never have I felt so supported & safe while being vulnerable. Meghan has guided me gently & firmly to go deeper, feel more & feel more empowered. My self confidence is growing, my teaching skills improving & feeling so much more at home in my body. I feel more nourished as my body aligns more with her true self & connecting to the earth. The group of women I continue to meet at Amba Training have been some of the most welcoming women & many truly have become friends. The Deep Nourishment Amba practice has been life changing & something I crave.

As a teacher and guide, I’ve learned to hold space for others while staying connected to myself.

–  Anais Foley-Kennedy, 2018 TT Graduate

I’m remembering to drop into my body and feel where it feels good to move. This practice can be applied to your real life on a day to day basis, remembering to breathe and feel in your body. I’ve learned to take the pressure off to have my movement look a certain way, and to drop deeper into the feeling of it from the inside, to move at a pace that feels deeply satisfying to me.

– Madeline P., 2017 TT Graduate


Program Overview: Amba Movement is based in the way nature moves. The Amba practice includes luscious feminine movement, elemental embodiment, free dancing, breathing, and deep nourishment earth meditation. In this training, you’ll learn how to teach an Amba Movement class and also created 1:1 embodiment, movement and breath sessions to do on their own or combine with other healing modalities that you already practice. You’ll also be guided into the depths of your own body wisdom and movement in ways that will deepen your connection with yourself, your body, and Nature.


In this Teacher’s Training, you will learn to . . .

– connect to, and lead from your authentic voice & embodied joy

– lead with confidence and connection to your body’s living wisdom

–  access your feminine energy, bodyintuition, creative life force, and self love

– sustain your energy and continually replenish your body with nourishing life energy


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Pricing + Payment Options:

No trainings scheduled at this time. Check back for pricing details.

Tuition includes the entire training immersion, nature adventures, materials, comprehensive video course, manual, teas and snacks.

Monthly payment plans are available.

+ Amba Embodiment Circles  It is highly recommended to begin Amba Circles before or during your training, to get the most out of the training. Amba Embodiment Circles is an add on program to the teacher training, and a pre (or post) requisite to be able to truly share the depth and authenticity of this practice from an embodied place within yourself. Amba Circles are an additional cost on top of training tuition, and many participants begin their Amba Circles journey before they begin the training, so that they have experience in the practice prior to learning to teach.



A note from Meghan Makena, the founder of Amba and the primary teacher of this training:

“Right now, women are being called to connect more deeply to our feminine power and wholeness.

 I created Amba Movement for women to have a safe, nurturing, and joyful space in which to unravel, open, strengthen, and remember the feeling of being whole, alive, and connected to the earth.

Amba is a space for you to come home to yourself through feeling and remembering that you are sacred, wild, and loved.”

– Meghan Makena

founder of Amba Movement


Application Process

Once you complete your application and deposit, we’ll review your application and contact you within a week to let you know if you’ve been accepted into the program. If you are not accepted into the program, we’ll fully refund your deposit.

We can only accept a limited number of applicants in the training each year, and limit our training size, so that every woman receives personal attention. Applications are reviewed and processed on a first come, first served basis.


Success Guaranteed

✔️We carefully look at each application and connect with each woman who applies. If you are accepted into the Amba Teacher Training program, it means that we have confidence that you are capable of completing the training successfully.
✔️ This training will deeply transform you and your relationship with your body and life.
✔️ If we accept you into this program, it means that we believe you have what it takes to become an incredible Amba Movement teacher.

We don’t let anyone into this training whom we don’t feel can be successful at embodying and teaching this work. 

If you feel called to be part of the 2020 Teacher’s Training, you can apply now + put down your deposit. Deposit is fully refundable if you’re not accepted into the program. Click below to apply. We’ll be in touch within a week to let you know if you’ve been accepted.

If this training is something your heart longs to do, and you’re worried about prioritizing the time for yourself to have this transformational journey, that is exactly why you need this training! So many women put themselves last. When you put yourself first, and prioritize time for you to grow and get nourished, and you feel good in yourself, you bring even more goodness into the world around you – your personal relationships, your work, and your community.

This Teacher’s Training was as enriching an endeavor as I have yet to come across.

The training took me to a whole new level of relationship with my body. I grew to be able to “hear” what it had to say to me, honor that, and incorporate it into my consciousness and heart.

The training was intellectually stimulating, physically enjoyable and rewarding, but the most surprising treat was the relationships that grew out of the time we spent training together.

I am so much more comfortable in my skin, able to really tap into my earth body and hear her, and I am grateful to Meghan for her constant enthusiasm during the training.

It was a life enhancing experience that I am happy to carry with me now and into my forever.

– Beth Goode, 2017 TT Graduate


I’ve become more aware of the abundance inside myself and in my life.

– Elena Loper, 2016 TT Graduate


After this training, I’ve become more conscious of the reality that I’m creating around myself. I’m opening more to the love and support that is already in my life.


– Ayla Joy Weber, 2017 TT Graduate


✧ Frequently Asked Questions ✧

What are the steps to becoming an Amba Movement Teacher? To become a certified teacher, you’ll attend the full teacher’s training, complete all assignments, and sign the Teacher’s Agreement. In order to become a certified teacher, you’ll also need to complete the Amba Embodiment Circles program, as it is essential to have a foundation of first hand experience in this practice before going out and teaching it. Amba Circles in depth study with Meghan. They are an additional cost, and can be done in person or online. Go HERE to find out more about Embodiment Circles.

I’ve already taken a 200 hour yoga teacher’s training and/or teach yoga or movement. Will this training be redundant for me? Absolutely not. In fact, 1 out of 3  women in this teacher’s training have completed other yoga or movement trainings, and their desire to go deeper into richer layers of their practice and teaching has drawn them to this training.

What if I’m not sure whether I actually want to teach? If you’re not looking to become a teacher, and just wish to become more deeply nourished, alive, and feel at home in your body, this program is a powerful immersion to deepen your own practice and connection with yourself, with your body, and with the earth. This is one of the few opportunities to study in-depth with Meghan, in an immersive format.

Can you give me an example of a typical teacher training day? Sure!
10 am – 11 am Tea, Opening Meditation, Body Awakening
11 am – 1 pm Amba Movement Practice
1-2 pm Lunch Break
2-3 pm Practice Teaching I
3 – 5 pm Embodying the Five Elements through Experiential Movement
5 – 6 pm Deep Nourishment Guided Meditation, Closing Circle