What is AmbaMama?

AmbaMama is an Amba Movement Class specifically for pregnant women and new mamas. Using the embodied feminine practices of Amba – breath, fluid movement, yoga, sound, sacred dance, and Deep Nourishment earth mediation – AmbaMama is a sacred space for women to come home to their wholeness, in body, mind, and essence.

In AmbaMama classes, women are encouraged to:
– listen to their bodies
– sense their timing
– connect to the power and beauty of their womanhood
– share and connect with other expecting and new mamas
– nurture themselves
– honor and sustain their Shakti – feminine life force

AmbaMama is an ideal movement practice for pregnant and new mamas, as it connects you with your feminine essence, in a supportive space in which you’re taught how to move in a way that feels deeply nourishing to you.

AmbaMama Offerings

AmbaMama Classes

AmbaMama classes are ideal for pregnant and new mamas who want to feel good in their bodies and feel supported in a community of women. Classes include fluid movement, breath work, sound, partner work, deep nourishment meditation, and a closing circle.

1:1 sessions

Work with one of our certified AmbaMama teachers in a 6-week embodiment program to support you in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Each week you will learn specific breaths, movements, hip openers, and sounds to embody your feminine essence and nourish your body. You’ll also be led through a deep nourishment meditation and be invited to reflect on a specific topic to support you in your motherhood journey.

Blessing Circles

Whether you’re a mama-to-be or a new mama, blessing circles are a special way to celebrate your becoming of a mother. Hire one of our certified AmbaMama teachers to lead you and your close group of women friends or family through an AmbaMama movement class, deep nourishment meditation with essential oils, flower mandala ceremony, and sound bath honoring you as Mama.

Find an AmbaMama Teacher

Hannah Grasso
Simi Valley & Los Angeles, CA
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Ana Foley-Kennedy
Davis, Ca
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Julia Rios
Sacramento, Ca
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