Amba School of Embodiment

The 3 Essential Practices


Luscious Movement

Awaken the fluid, feminine movement of your body as you open to ease and expand your capacity for deeply enjoying yourself.


Radiant Strength

Increase your vital life force as you tap into your inner fire and build deep core and whole body strength.


Deep Nourishment

Restore your energy and unwind stress as you replenish your connection to your essence.

The Five Elements of Nature



The earth element teaches stability without rigidity. Stable and dependable, structures are containers that keep us safe and supported. Healthy pressure builds strength and vigor.



From the water element, we learn ease, enjoyment, and receptivity. Water invites us to soften and allow creative energy to flow through us.


Pure Love

In the space element, we replenish our bodies and reconnect to the experience of being whole. Through space, we learn to dive under all the waves of activity and exist in pure presence and love. The movement in the space element is stillness. Through stillness, we can feel everything that is already moving within us.



In the fire element, we access our passion and ignite the spark of our core desire. We build internal heat to transform stagnation into live-giving action.


Dynamic Tension

The air element teaches us to open to life, to spread out, and to feel the expansiveness in our bodies. As you follow through with expansion and extending all the way, your whole body becomes more open, life-filled, and breath-filled.

Benefits of Amba Yoga

Overall Benefits:

  • Build a loving, trusting relationship with your body
  • Unwind stress and tension
  • Ground into your deep knowing and wholeness
  • Tune into your body’s wisdom and language
  • Learn how to move with injuries or sensitivities, and how to listen to your body so you don’t get injured
  • Find the pleasure in exercise, without it feeling like exercise

Luscious Movement Benefits:

  • Open to joy through moving freely in your body
  • Learn to trust yourself more deeply by opening to your body’s natural movement
  • Relieve pain, gripping, tension
  • Build confidence through feeling good in your own skin
  • Greater permission to feel and move in the way you move
  • Reconnect with the pure joy of movement

Radiant Strength Benefits:

  • Awaken your innate enthusiasm for being alive
  • Build your vital, juicy life energy
  • Strengthen your body in a fluid, organic, feminine way
  • Increase your circulation
  • Bring more oxygen into your brain and whole body
  • Detoxify through sweat, movement, and deep breathing

Deep Nourishment Benefits:

  • Listen deeply to your truth through sensing the tissues and rhythms of your body
  • Balancing your glands, hormones & nervous system
  • Feel more at home in yourself, in your body
  • Reduce tension and strain in your body and mind
  • Balance your nervous system: reduce stress, anxiety
  • Feel whole and at peace

The 5 Tools of Amba Yoga


Breath is the foundational practice of Amba Yoga. There are over a dozen breaths in the Amba Yoga system, including the open exploration of exploring and discovering different ways that your body wants to breathe.



Amba Yoga includes physical movement that ranges from subtle, micro-movement to dynamic whole body dancing. Each essential practice and element has its own set of movements, yoga postures, and embodiment practices.



Touch is one of the greatest healing tools that exists. When you place your hands on your body, you heighten your connection to that area. Our bodies crave present, loving touch from our very own hands, and from the hands of others.



The vibration of your own voice, when felt through your body, creates a resonant state within you. The sound of your voice is grounding and nourishing. In Amba Yoga, we direct sound into different areas and organs of the body to open up more space and flow of energy.



By bringing the presence of your mind into an area of your body, you heighten your connection to the rhythms of nature that are occurring within you. The practice of putting your presence in your body is restful and creates a sense of feeling at home in yourself, wherever you go. 

Ritual + Cycles of Nature

Amba Yoga honors the waxing and waning cycles of nature within us and around us:

  • Moon phases
  • Seasons
  • Life stages
  • Breath cycle
  • Day/night cycles

In Amba Yoga, we create simple rituals to bridge our inner intentions with the cycles of nature around us. For example, during a class on the full moon, we may light a candle and sense where our light is brightening within us. At the end of a retreatMoon Circle, or  Amba Lodge, we may join our voices together for a ritual toning to seal the space, or collectively create a flower mandala as a ritual of appreciation and gratitude for our time together.