Amba Blessing




 Blessing for All Women

May you know how loved you are by life

May you stay true to your timing, and honor it

May you feel your breath deep in the
tissues and skin of your back, supporting you always

May you trust your wild instincts, your gut knowing,
no matter what anyone else thinks or says about them

May you find your voice, and know your truth
and choose to share it when it strengthens
the love and life inside you and around you

May the fire of your ambition be balanced
by the softness of your heart

May you tenderly open to receive how huge your heart is,
no matter what the details are

May you go through enough pain that you are humbled,
so that you can truly walk an earth walk,
with your feet touching the ground in every step

May you access an unstoppable passion inside your core
that keeps you naturally devoted to your true and real path

May you source your power from inside your heart and from
the web of all of existence, so that you can be replenished
as you do the work that you are here to do

~ Meghan Mahealani Morris
founder of Amba Movement