Feel Deeply in tune With the nature of Your Body, Your Essence, & Your Life

Amba is a movement practice and a community for women

In Amba, you are guided to honor your nature by moving the way nature moves. We work with non-linear forms of movement, the elements and cycles of nature in order to bring women into a more grounded and expansive relationship with themselves and the earth. In effect, your whole life aligns to the truth of who you are, what you truly want, and what you are here on this earth to do. Women in Amba learn to move out of pure enjoyment rather than performance and root into their power as the CREATRESS of their own lives.

What to Expect in an Amba Movement Class:

» Body Awakening
» Fluid Movement & Dance
» Partner Exercises
» Breathwork
» Guided Earth Resonance
» Sharing Circle and Ritual to Honor Nature

“After each group Amba class with Meghan, I am always stunned by how I feel solid and light at the same moment. It seems like those two feelings should not coexist. Yet, it happens every time! The consistent practice of Amba enables me to “use” it any time. I can drop into my body and feel grounded, calm and solid. Even in heavy traffic. Amba has taught me to really listen to my body without judgment in a society where that practice is not often encouraged. The result of that listening has brought me peace of mind and inspired awareness of all of the knowledge and power my body has to offer me even in physically challenging times.”

– Beth Goode

Amba Movement is for you if you desire:

a deeper connection with life, the earth, and nature through your body and breath

a more intuitive and embodied approach to your yoga practice

a more loving relationship with your body

to cultivate more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in your life

to feel more confident and radiant in your own skin

to awaken the sacred and wild feminine energy that live within you

Choose the Path For You….

Dip Your Toe...


Meet the practice and the women of Amba at one of our incredible workshops or retreats with Meghan

Dive Deep

The Amba Embodiment Circles are for women who desire to cultivate a consistent practice of embodiment and come home to their bodies, hearts, and essence.

Immerse Yourself


The Amba Movement Teacher’s Training is for women who want to embody their feminine power, joy and courage, and confidence, and lead other women to do the same.