2018 Women’s Embodied Yoga Teacher’s Training

You feel called to go deeper into the vitality and receptivity of your own body.

You want to help transform women’s lives in a profound way.

You crave work that fulfills and nourishes you…..
work that allows you to share from the essence of who you are.

When you sense into your heart, you feel a deep desire to offer your gifts in a way that brings more embodied joy, satisfaction, and connection to the world.

When a woman connects to the place within where her essence and her body meet,

she is an unstoppable force of love and truth in the world.”

– Meghan Morris, founder of Amba Yoga


This yoga practice was created specifically for women. Most yoga styles practiced today come from the male lineage of yoga. These practices were designed for the male body and system. In embodied feminine yoga, women learn how to become receptive and open to the life force energy within our bodies.

In the feminine yoga, we move the way nature moves. We use the five elements, cycles of the moon, and rhythms of nature as our internal compass, creating balance in movement and energy.

In this training, you will learn how to sustain your energy and continually replenish your body with nourishing life energy. You’ll learn how to teach from your unique essence, bringing your natural enthusiasm and spirit through the embodied feminine yoga practice.

If you’re not looking to become a teacher, and just wish to awaken your feminine energy and feel more alive and at home in your body, this program is a powerful immersion to deepen your own practice. This training is the most in-depth program that Meghan offers, and it’s a chance to study intensively with her in Topanga Canyon.


8-9:30 am Solar, active Amba Yoga practice
9:30-10:30 am breakfast, sharing, integration
10:30 am – 1 pm Morning Training Session
1-2 pm Lunch
2-5 pm Afternoon Training Session
5-6:30 pm Lunar, replenishing Amba Yoga practice
6:30-7:30 pm Dinner
7:30-9:30 pm Evening circle and ceremony

2018 Group A training – Currently in session – Enrollment is now closed


2018 Group B training – Now accepting applications


Group B Training Dates:

Immersion, April 28 – May 6, 2018
Day 1: Saturday 9 am – 2 pm (group B only) & Saturday 4-10 pm
Days 2-8: Sunday through Saturday 8 am- 5 pm, 6-10 pm
Day 9: Sunday 8 am – 4 pm

Intensive, August 17 – 19, 2018
Friday: 8 am – 5 pm & 6-10 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm & 1-10 pm (lunch & dinner included)
Sunday: 8 am – 5 pm & 1-8:30 pm (lunch & dinner included)

Location: Topanga Canyon, CA

3 Part Training
Part 1: Intro – Online – 12 hour training, taken from anywhere in the world, begin when you enroll
Part 2: Immersion – held in Topanga Canyon, CA –  April 28-May 6, 2018
Part 3: Intensive – held in Topanga Canyon, CA – August 17-19, 2018

Certification: If you desire to become a registered yoga teacher, you’ll attend all three parts of the training, complete practice teaching and home assignments, teach a full length class, and sign the teacher’s agreement. Once you complete the training, you’re eligible for Yoga Alliance registration as a 200 Hour RYT.

Deepen your practice. Awaken to deeper embodied joy, strength, ease, and vitality. Develop a rich connection with your feminine energy and body. Move into your place of true power, where your body, heart, and essence meet. Be lovingly encouraged to grow and expand yourself.

Learn to teach. This training will support your journey into teaching and guide you through the steps of becoming an effective Amba Yoga teacher.  Discover your unique presence as a teacher. Find your authentic teaching voice.

Enrich your current teaching skills and presence. If you’ve already
 trained in other styles of yoga, and have a desire to teach Amba for women and share from this embodied approach, this training will expand your presence and skills as a teacher.

The Five Elements:

Earth –  structure, strength, stability
Water – fluid, nourishing movement
Air – open expansion, spacious lengthening
Fire – activation, letting go, invigorating movement
Space – return to feeling whole, replenished, and connected

The Five Tools:
Breath, Movement, Touch, Sound, Presence

The Three Essential Practices:

Luscious Movement – Awaken your body’s natural, feminine, fluid movement
Radiant Strength – Access your potent life force and the fire within + build deep core strength
Deep Nourishment – Restore your energy, receive your essence, return to wholeness


 4 Steps to Apply & Enroll:
1. Fill out the online teacher training form
2. Meghan will contact you to schedule an interview call
3. You will be contacted within 3 days of the call as to whether you’re accepted.
4. If you are accepted into the program, to register you will then fill out  Training Agreement + Deposit to save your spot.


– Once you’re registered, you will receive the online module of the training.

– We can only accept a limited number of applicants in the training each year.

TUITION: $3850

Tuition includes all 3 modules, 3 organic dinners, 13 online group classes, certification fee, and home practice assignments.

Payment Options:

1. Pay in full: Pay in full at time of registration, save $150
2. Three Part Payment: $1250 deposit to reserve your spot
Payment can be in check or credit card.

Teacher Training Inquiries

Fill out the form below to let Meghan know a little bit about you and your interest in the Teacher Training program.

Teacher Training

Teacher’s Training Graduates

“In this training, I’ve learned that if you’re not connecting to yourself, you’re not really connecting to anything.”

–Megan Kerns

“Through deepening my practice in this training, I’m no longer worried about my future. I’m not concerned about the past. I’m just here.”

–Nina Larkins

“I’ve become more aware of the abundance inside myself and in my life.”

–Elena Loper

“I feel so well equipped with tools I will now have for my whole life.”

–Laurel Nunga

“Amba Yoga teaches you how to let go of being small…how to take up space.”

–Kari Owens

After this training, I’ve become more conscious of the reality that I’m creating around myself. I’m opening more to the love and support that is already in my life. I noticed I have been creating a reality that’s harmful to me. I’m now going to go ahead and create a super epic reality! This community has helped me to catch the things that I miss.

–Ayla  Joy Weber

“I realized how important it is for me to get into my body and release stagnant energy. Activating the energy in my body always makes me feel better, filled with energy, and more confident. Going back to accessing the primal energy is really important for us as women. In other areas of my health, I take care of my body through food and exercise, but I don’t do it for joy. I’m just doing it because I have to. This training, I learned that it’s really important to do the practice because I want to do it, not only physically but also to give myself love and support along the way.”

–Claire Trewhitt

“I feel much more confident in my own unique practice, which doesn’t look or feel like anyone else’s. I’m feeling where my unique essence is helpful for the world. and when I’m helping myself and doing these practices, I’m helping everyone else in my life. Taking this time for me also spreads into the people around me, without any effort.”

–AnneElise Baiotto

“In my life, I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. With the other yoga practices that focus on perfect alignment, it’s really stressful. Being a perfectionist is very stressful. What I love about this practice is that you can just let go into the flow. The embodied, organic, free flowing, feeling aspect of this practice is freeing me from judgement of right or wrong. Focusing on the flow of life energy and feeling is healing.”

–Kim Huerta

“I’m learning to listen to my body on a deeper level. I can build energy from a more internal place.”

–Lisa Gunn

“I’m remembering to drop into my body and feel where it feels good to move. This practice can be applied to your real life on a day to day basis, remembering to breathe and feel in your body. I’ve learned to take the pressure off to have my yoga look a certain way, and to drop deeper into the feeling of it from the inside, to move at a pace that feels good to me.”

–Madeline P.

“I’m learning how to speak out, to connect to my power, and feel my strength. When I was little I used to be really confident, and I would tell everyone what I wanted. Somewhere along the way, I must have lost that. So I know I have it in me somewhere. Through this training, I’m reconnecting with my ability to express my truth and feel my core energy.”

–Sam Rea