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Leo Love


We are approaching a full moon, exactly a week from today. In the midst of summer, and Leo season, with so much passion and energy, it’s important to continue to keep softening and receiving as well. This tea does just that. My friend and local Topanga herbalist and Naturopathic doctor, Christine Surrago, has formulated…(Read More)

Summer is a time when my creature’s intelligence is at its peak. This past week I’ve made multiple batches of “intuitive chocolate” ~ I dare you to make some in your own kitchen, barefoot and using your hands! Put on your favorite music! Dance! Breathe! Here are the raw ingredients. No specific measurements – SENSE…(Read More)

You’ve been asking for recipes, so here they are!   I love yerba maté as an alternative to coffee. It takes a little getting used to the earthy taste. Making it into a latte is a great way to start! Blend all ingredients and serve over ice.   Iced Yerba Maté Goddess Latté 2…(Read More)

Dear Friend on the Path ~ As we are in the middle of summer, and approach this July full moon, the theme right now is go for it, make it happen! In the midst of the high energy of summer, when the solar energy is strong, it can be easy to forget the balance of…(Read More)