Posts From the monthly archives: "June 2017"

Dear Lover of Life


It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me the power of connecting to our inner yum….the delicious, luscious nectar of the essence of who we are within our being and body. To sustain any vibrant, vitalized relationship, be it with our own bodies or a beloved life partner, dropping in to our deliciousness is…(Read More)

Love to you on this darkest day of the year, the winter solstice. Today during my morning practice, an inspiration came to me that I can’t help but share with you: I’m replacing anywhere I feel like I need discipline with DEVOTION. Devotion is sustainable. It just keeps going deeper. Discipline is something…(Read More)

May your heart be open. May your mind be strong. Your body, vital. Your energy, flowing. Your essence, felt by every fiber of your being. May you feel how the earth is always supporting you. May you feel the fire of your passion for what you love. May you trust the voice inside, the voice…(Read More)

An invitation


Look at and sense into everything that is in bloom in your life right now. Many of us overlook the blooms and focus on planting seeds year round – goals, goals, goals, goals – as if we are always having to start our gardens from scratch. OPEN to feel through your whole body, and receive…(Read More)

Amba Circles


I’ve been feeling into a very special element that came into Amba this past year: Amba Circles. The circles have quickly become the heart of Amba. The circle is a mini retreat into your body, into your breath, into resting in the earth, in the middle of your full week. Something most women who…(Read More)

There are the things I think I want. And then there is what my heart really wants. When I am in alignment with what my whole being wants at a core level, everything that’s happening makes sense. When I’m focusing on what I think I want, nothing seems to be happening fast enough…(Read More)